How to Write Newsletters That People Actually Read


Many businesses rely on email marketing to send the news to their clients about new offers, service upgrades, and other updates. And yet, the majority of newsletters are slapped with a “Mark As Read” as soon as they enter a customer’s inbox. 

  • Why?

    There are several reasons that may be influencing your customers not to read your newsletters. Things like an uninteresting subject line, inconsistent newsletter schedules, and sending clients irrelevant information — all these can be harming your ratings and decreasing conversion. 

    If you’re ready to turn a new leaf and improve your newsletters, our Social Media Management has made a list of tips that can help you write newsletters that people actually want to read.

  • Niche Down

    Niching down helps with Search Engine Optimization in Canada, targeting specific audiences and their preferences. You don’t need everyone to hear about your news — you just want the right people to. Focus on the type of people that make up your audience and design your newsletters to fit their characters and demeanors.

  • Write Good Content

    Writing a good newsletter is more than just stringing words together and praying for the best. It’s curating good content around a topic your audience cares about. It’s easier said than done, yes, but with the right team on your side, this can be easily achieved.

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