What Are Nofollow Links and Dofollow Links?

What Are Nofollow Links and Dofollow Links?

Your website is up and running. Now you’ve started doing the hard work of trying to increase your organic traffic.

You begin with learning the basics of search engine optimization in Canada and just when you think you’ve finally nailed it, you come face to face with the most confusing part: distinguishing nofollow and dofollow links.

Nofollow Links

Whenever you insert a link in a text, the link goes within an HTML tag.

A nofollow link is essentially an attribute within the tag that signals to Google to ignore the link when its spiders are crawling the page. This type of link is often used in the comments section, forums, and (more recently) sponsored links.

Dofollow Links

By default, all links inserted into a webpage or text is a dofollow link. What this means is that the search engine algorithm will see the link and count it toward the authority it assigns the website.
For a link to have any direct value in how Google’s search engine algorithm measures websites, it must be a dofollow link.
Why do websites use nofollow links?

Websites use nofollow links for three main reasons:

  1. To combat comment link spams
  2. To alert Google to links they’ve paid for
  3. To avoid having to vet all the links included on the sites

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